Please check whether you are part of the problem

Excellent piece by Kay as ever…

Kay Green

The government are robbing us blind, and you know it. While every single one of us watches our climate slipping to the no-return stage of climate crisis, we are each of us spending a large proportion of our energy fighting against the slipping away of our personal income and opportunities as bills go up. the ways organisations have of giving us the tasks and someone else the money proliferate, and forever overtake our attempts to hang onto a livable income. We can’t win without drastic change, you know this – however near or far from the edge you personally are. You also know that many people fall over that edge into destitution every day.

Hundreds of thousands of us tried to fight back by joining the Labour Party a few years back. Before that, people joined the Green Party, or trade unions or whatever, looking for a way to solve…

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